I Signed in and My App Is Blank

I signed in and my app is blank

If you have signed into Narrative Publish and you are missing your blogs this is likely an issue with your database. Below we have listed some potential solutions and what to do if none of these solve your issue please get in contact with Narrative Support. 




Potential Issue and Solution One: Wrong account

If you are not seeing your blog posts make sure you are logged into the right Narrative Publish account. To clarify this. 

1. Research whether you have multiple Narrative accounts
2. Sign out of Narrative Publish and then sign back in again.  

If your blogs still do not appear please try the steps below.

Potential Issue and Solution Two: Your Database is on a Different Device

If you have used Narrative Publish on a different device and have recently started using it on this device unless you have imported your database onto this device your blogs will be missing. 

This is because we currently do not support database syncing. 

To solve this either. 

1. Use Publish on the other device
2. Import Publish onto this device. To learn how to do this, click here.

If this is not the case please try another solution below.

Potential Issue and Solution Three: Migration Issue

If you have recently updated your Narrative Publish app from an older version to a new version there is a chance that you have run into a migration error. This means that Narrative is not recognising the blogs under your account. 

To solve this please contact support and send them a copy of your database. This is how to export a copy of your database. 


Contact Support

If none of the solutions above solve your this issue please contact Narrative support by either clicking on the chat bubble in the bottom right or emailing support@narrative.so

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