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Publishing to Squarespace: Overview




You can create and upload your Narrative Publish posts to your Squarespace website through different methods depending on what plan you're on:

  • If on Squarespace Personal Plan, due to the plan's limitations you'll only be able to use the export row-by-row feature and upload to your website as the javascript isn't supported on this plan. Click here to learn how to export jpgs row-by-row.
  • If on Squarespace Business Plan, you'll be able to use the export row-by-row feature or our publishing method. Click here to learn how to set up your publishing details.



Setting Your Publishing Details

Once you have completed designing your first post and you are ready to publish to your Squarespace website, you’ll need to have your publishing details saved. If it's your first time publishing and haven’t done this yet, follow the steps below to get started:

1. Click on the “Publish” tab and click on the gear icon



2. When you see the publishing settings window open:

2.1 Input your website's URL - eg

2.2 Click on Squarespace and press 'Continue'



3. Once publishing settings have been saved/ updated click “Ok/ Start Publishing ”



4. If this is the first time publishing, your blog will now start uploading, click here for the next steps. If that’s not the case, click Publish to start uploading your blog.




How to Publish to Squarespace

1. After clicking "Publish" your post will start uploading. Once the upload of your blog is complete, click Copy Link to copy your post's HTML to your clipboard



Now it's time to upload your blog on Squarespace.


2. Go to your Squarespace website and log in.

2.1 Create a new blog post or a new page where you want the blog to be posted.

2.2 Add a code block by first selecting an insert point.


2.3 Select 'Code' under the 'more' section.



3. Delete any text already in the box and paste the code that you copied from Narrative Publish earlier as the example below and click 'Apply' to continue:


You should now see a preview of your blog like this.


If you wish to make any other changes above or below the code block or adding a featured image, do this now.

Once you’re ready to set it live on your website, click on “Publish”. To preview your whole blog visit your blog page.




Common Issues

🔴  If your blog is only showing one image and only loads when refreshing the page or having the direct link, it’s likely that you are running into an Ajax loading issue.

To learn how to fix this issue click here.


🔴  If your blog is not loading at all the most likely reason is that code is not pasted inside a code block. Make sure it is inside a code block other the script will not load. Click here to learn more about code blocks.

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