How to Publish to Showit



Narrative Publish and Showit

Narrative Publish works very well Showit and is very easy to set up.


However, due to limitations you will be able to publish via the WordPress plugin, publish manually via code or using the exporting method depending on the plan you're on.


Showit also only allows you to install plugins on certain plans. Below we have listed what you should do depending on your Showit Plan. 




Showit Plans and Options


  • Showit + Advanced Blog

👉 Publish through the WordPress Plugin

👉 Publish manually through the Code

👉 Exporting row by row.


  • Showit + Basic Blog

👉 Publish through the WordPress Plugin

👉 Exporting row by row.


  • Showit

👉 Exporting row by row.




How to Publish to Showit

In order to publish to Showit for the first time, you will need to access your Wordpress to connect your website with the app.


If you have not installed and activated the plugin yet, click here to learn how.


Once you have everything ready, continue with the steps below:


1. Open the blog you want to publish and click the Publish button found on the bottom right-hand side of the app.


 2. The Publish Settings window will now pop up. First enter your website URL


3. Then click on the Wordpress logo


4. Select your Wordpress theme  


5. Now press continue



Narrative Publish will now check if you have the Narrative Plug-in installed.


6.  Select the Default Category you want to publish to and if the posts should publish as drafts or as live posts, press Update to continue.

Note: You can change these each time you upload your blog. To learn how to do that click here  


7. Now press Start Publishing. This will start publishing your first blog to your website.



The publishing settings will now close and your blog will being to upload.

Once it has finished uploading you will see a "Visit Page" button.


Click this to be taken to your blog. If you hit an error or a 404 page, it is likely that you aren't logged into your website on that browser. Once you're logged in and click again on "Visit Page" you'll see the preview of your post.




🌐 If you are using Gutenberg, the draft in your back end will look something like this:




🌐 If you are using the Classic editor it will look like this: 

If you want to make changes to your post you can just edit the blog and then press the "Update Blog" button.



Your blog should now be published on your website. Please contact our Support team if you have any issues whatsoever. 





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