Why Gutenberg?



Why we think Gutenberg is better

  1. Gutenberg is much simpler than the classic editor, it follows a similar structure to Narrative! Instead of writing CSS and HTML you get to spend your time dragging and dropping blocks that do the code for you. 

  2. Gutenberg provides a much more realistic view of what your website is going to look like, before even publishing it! Therefore you can make changes much quicker and how you want it to look.

  3. Gutenberg is the future of WordPress. WordPress is going to continually update Gutenberg, while leaving the rest behind. So if you want to stay up with the game, use Gutenberg! 

  4. When using the WordPress Plug-in Narrative blogs can be viewed in full from the back end, so you know exactly what it will look like before viewing the preview version.

  5. Using Gutenberg you can easily add other elements to your Narrative post, such as text (you can add that in Narrative tho 😉) , audio or even videos! 

If you have any trouble using Narrative and Gutenberg, please contact our support team at support@narrative.so



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