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Publishing to Wix: Overview



You can use Narrative Publish to design your posts for Wix both the Publishing feature and the Export JPG feature.

However, we suggest using JPG export on Wix as we think it provides a better experience. Click here to learn how to export jpgs row by row. To learn how to use the publishing feature, have a look at the steps below.



Setting Your Publishing Details

Once you have completed designing your post and you are ready to publish to your Wix website for the first time, you’ll need to have your publishing details saved. If you haven’t done this yet, follow the steps below to get this set up:

1. Click on the gear icon to open the publishing settings




2. When you see the publishing settings window open:

2.1 Input your website's URL - eg

2.2 Click on Other

2.3 Type Wix and press continue


3. Once publishing settings have been saved/ updated click “Ok/ Start Publishing ”


4. If this is the first time publishing, your blog will now start uploading, click here for the next steps. If that’s not the case, click Publish to start uploading your blog.




How to Publish to Wix

1. After clicking "Publish" your post will start uploading. Once the upload of your blog is complete, click Copy Link to copy your post's HTML to your clipboard and head to your Wix website. 




2. In Wix start editing your site and head to the page you'd like to put your blog on. Once there, click on the App icon on the left-hand side.


3. Search for HTML and click "HTML iFrame/ Embed" and click add to site


4. Click the "Enter Code" button and paste the code on the right-hand side


5. Now adjust the frame to the size of your blog to fit your images OR leave it the width and slightly bigger and users can scroll through.


6. Press preview to see what your blog looks like and the publishing it when you're happy with the sizing. 


Your blog should now be published on your website.


Common Issues

Issue One: Blog height limitation

Due to Wix's implementation of the HTML app they restrict the max height of the block, this means that if your blog is too large it is likely that you won't be able to fit it all on the screen without having the visitor scroll. 


To resolve this there are a few options:


Option 1: Export your post via JPGs and upload that way, this method does not run into this issue. Click here to learn how to do that. 


Option 2: Reduce the amount of images in your blog. 

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