How to Publish to Format



Format and Narrative Publish

Yes, you can use Narrative to design and publish your blogs for Format. 


Please keep in mind that for some of their plans you can only use the Export JPG row by row feature. 



Narrative Publish's compatibility with Format's plans. 



Both the Narrative publish feature and Export JPGs row by row features work on this plan



Both the Narrative publish feature and Export JPGs row by row features work on this plan



With this plan only the Export JPGs row by row feature will work. 




How to publish to Format

Once you have completed designing your post and you are ready to publish to your Format website follow these steps:


1. Click the publish button is the bottom right-hand side of the app. 




You will now have opened your publishing settings.


 2. Input your website's URL e.g and select Other.




3. Press continue.


4. Now that your publisher settings is set press "Start Publishing


5. Your blog will now begin uploading.


6. Once your blog has finished uploading you will see these options. To get your blog on your website, first start by clicking the copy link button. 



Now it's time to get your blog on your website. 


1. Open your Format website and head to the page where you want to upload the blog.

2. Press the "Add Section" button and select the media option


3. Scroll down and hover over "Custom Embed Code" and click "Add Section" 


4. Click in the section and paste the code that you copied from Narrative. 


5. Click "Preview" in the top right-hand corner  to preview your post


6. Once you are happy with the post, press save changes and make sure your page is online.


7. Your blog should now be published.


If you run into any issues or have any questions regarding this article, please contact our support team at or by clicking on the chat icon found on the bottom right.



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