How to Publish Using Elementor



Narrative Publish and Elementor

Publishing to Elementor is super easy. Once you're ready to publish your blog, follow the steps below to publish it to your website.


1. Click the publish button is the bottom right-hand side of the app.


2. Once you see your Publishing Settings, input your website's URL e.g and select Squarespace.



3. Press continue.


4. Now that your publisher settings is set press "Start Publishing"


5. Your blog will now begin uploading.


6. Once your blog has finished uploading you will see these options. To get your blog on your website, first start by clicking the copy link button.


Now it's time to get your blog on your website.


7. Go to your Wordpress account > Elementor and search for “code”. Once you see the HTML widget, drag it to the dashboard

8. Paste the link of your blog


9. Click on "Publish"


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