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This article is a general how to for publishing to a website that we do not have specific instructions for. Please ensure that you have checked this article first to see if we have specific instructions for your website host. Click here for this article. 




How to Publish your blog to your website

Once you have completed designing your post and you are ready to publish to your website follow these steps:


1. Click on the gear icon to open the publishing settings


2. When you see the publishing settings window open:

2.1 Input your website's URL - eg
2.2 Click on Other
2.3 Type Custom and press continue



3. Once publishing settings have been saved/ updated click “Ok/ Start Publishing ”


4. If this is the first time publishing, your blog will now start uploading, click here for the next steps. If that’s not the case, click Publish to start uploading your blog.




Next Steps

Now it's time to head to your website and paste the link into an area that will read and load HTML. This is often known as HTML editors, Embedded sections or Custom HTML. If you don't do this, it's likely your blog will not load.


If you are unable to figure this out please contact out support team at and they will be able to help you.

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