Manipulating images inside your blog - Cropping mode - Making unique designs


Starting the cropping tool

The cropping tool can be used on any image inside your blog by simply double-clicking on the image, or when its selected pressing the crop button in the inspector panel. 


Using the cropping tool

Once the cropping tool is turned on there are a few things that can be done to edit the image. 

When double clicking on the image, the blue pills will either appear on top and bottom or on left and right of the image. Dragging these will change the size of the outer box of the image, making it smaller or larger. 



Exiting cropping mode

Once you have finished your cropping press the escape button, click on the background of the blog or click on a another image to exit cropping mode. 


Copying and pasting custom aspect ratios

If you want to have a symmetrical ratio between images or just like the custom aspect ratio of an image you can easily copy them from one image to another. 

To do this follow these steps. 

  1. Select the image you want to copy, you can tell an image is selected if it has solid blue bars around the outside. 

  2. Press "cmd" + "c" to copy the image's aspect ratio

  3. Select the image you want to paste the ratio on and then press "cmd" + "p"

The image should now have the ratio of the one you copied. 

Note: Copying and pasting aspect ratios also works for blank spacers. 


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