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The Post Manager


The post manager is a way to view and manage all of your published blogs in one place if you have been using multiple devices or have lost some blog posts. It gives you helpful information such as publish date, number of images and more. 


How to use the post manager

The post manager has many useful features, below we have listed them and how to use them. 

Post information

The main information that you can see is the information about your blog posts, such as their name, their status and when they were last updated.

The blogs status can either be live or updating, if you have only just published this blog, or have made changes and updated then you will see a spinning icon (below), once it has finished uploading/updated it will say live like pictured above.

Updated on refers to the last time that the blog post was updated, this also includes the time that it was uploaded if there has been no further updates to the blog. 

More information about a blog post

To access more information about a particular blog post, click on the pink arrow on the right-hand side of a blog post listed. 

This will then drop-down more information about the blog post.

View Post: This will open the blog post in a new tab allowing you to preview it.
Info: This will show you information of the post, such SEO information and number of images.
Un-publish: This will unpublish the blog post
Copy link: The last button here is a copy link button, pressing this button will give you the code of the blog, the same code given by the app. 

If you run into issues or need a hand with anything please contact support. 



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