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The Create Blog Screen

To create a new blog, press the Create new post button. 


Learn more about the home page here

Once you have clicked the Create new post button you will be taken to the create blog screen. This is where you give your blog a title and select the images you want blog. 


Give your blog a title and select the images you want to add through the Select Folder button. Once you have done this, click Create Post and Narrative will start to import your images


To learn more about the Create Blog screen click here. 


Building your Blog

Now that you have successfully created a blog and imported some images, you can now start working on your blog. 

In the left-hand side of Publish you will find the gallery panel, this is where all of the images you imported are. 

On the right-hand side you will find the inspector panel, this contains information and settings to do with your blog. 

And lastly, we have the middle section of Publish, this is where your blog post will be made.

Adding images to your blog

To add an image to your blog post, simply click and drag on the image you want and then drop it into the layout. 


Once you've added your first image you can start adding and dragging others around it. Where ever the blue line shows up you can add the image. This allows you to create amazing and interesting layouts. 



You can also double click images to add them as well as use our Magic wand tool to add many at once! 



Click here to learn more about adding images to your blog post.



Rearranging the layout

Once you have some images in your blog, you might want to start rearranging them. 

To rearrange them all you have to do is click and drag on an image and drop it where you want it to be. If you drag over another image you will be able to swap its position for the one you are holding. 




Click here to learn more about rearranging your layout




Unique Features

Narrative Publish has many features that will help you build your blog quickly and make it look good, here is a quick look at a few of them. 

Magic Wand: Use the Magic Wand tool to instantly build a blog, then rearrange it to how you please. 



Click here to learn more.

Text Box: Add text to your blog that automatically takes on your websites styling. 


Click here to learn more.

Blank Spacer: Add empty space to your blog post using the blank space. Its like an image, only empty!


Download Button: Add a download button to your blog so viewers of the blog can download the images of the blog. 


Click here to learn more.

Cropping Mode: Double-click on any image or blank space to adjust the size and crop to make your blog exactly how you want it to look. 



Click here to learn more.


SEO: Do your blogs SEO from right in side Narrative Publish. Use the traffic light system to guide your actions to make sure you rank well on Google. 



Click here to learn more.


Pinterest Pins & Facebook Comments: Add social media tools to your blog so that potential viewers and clients can share them much more easily.

Click here to learn more about Pinterest Pins. Click here to learn more about Facebook Comments.



Layout Animation: Add layout animation to make your blog stand out, whether it scrolls or fades it will look like no others!  Click here to learn more.


Lightbox: Turn this on and viewers will be able to click the blogs image and see it in a full screen view, turning your blog into more of a slide show. This is very effective on mobile.Click here to learn more.




Once you have finished building your blog it's time to publish it onto your website!

To start publishing your blog post click on the publish button in the bottom right. If this is your first time publishing you will need to set up your publisher. 

To learn how to publish to your specific website click here.



That's it! If you've gone through these steps you should have a beautiful blog on your website.

If you want to learn more about specific aspects of this guide make sure to click on the learn more links at the bottom of each section or check up the next steps and related articles. 


If you run into any issues please contact our support at


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