Select Pro Trial FAQs

Select Pro Trial FAQs

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When does my trial start?


Your trial of Select Pro starts as soon as you sign up to Select.




How long does my Select Pro Trial last?


The Select Pro Trial lasts 30 days from when you sign up to Select. During this time, you will have access to all of the Select Pro features for free.


Once your trial ends, you will be notified via your email and see the following message the next time you use Select, where you can upgrade or move to the Basic Plan.



Click here if you wish to change your plan.




Does the trial require a card/ payment method?


No, the trial does not require a card/ payment method.


Click here to sign up for a trial now.




What does the Select Pro Trial give me access to?

The Select Pro Trial gives you access to everything that is on the Select Pro Plan, below we have listed the exclusive features this gives you access to.

Select Pro Exclusive Features

Description of Feature

Focus assessments

Feedback on whether the faces in the images are in focus or not, helping you pick the sharpest image.

Eye assessments

Quickly understand if a person's eyes are open, shut or in between so you can make sure your subject is looking their best!

Close-ups panel

See all of the faces in an image cropped in a panel so you can see how everyone looks incredibly easily.

Image Assessments

Our AI will organize your images into scenes (sets of similar images). If any images appear moderately or significantly worse than the other images in the scene we apply an Image Assessment warning to the image.

Scene Detection

Select will recognize the individual scenes that your photos are taken in and separate them, so you can easily identify what is the best image in each different setting.

Face lock

Lock the face in which you are looking at so that you can move between photos and quickly decide what face is best.

If you wish to upgrade to Select Pro click here.






The free trial of Select Pro is a great way to get started with Select and learn how to use it. It super simple and will speed up your culling process significantly.


If you have run into any issues or questions please reach out to for a hand 😁

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