Getting your images from Select into Lightroom

Getting your images from Select into Lightroom

There are a few ways of getting your images into Lightroom Classic or CC once you have finished your selection. Here are three ways:


Option 1 – Use the SHIP button

Click the [SHIP] button, or press (⌘E). This will open up a window with options where you can choose which images you want to ship, and if you want to ship to CC or Classic.

Note: make sure you don't have Lightroom's import window already open, or the ship button won't work.



Option 2 – Drag and Drop

Select which images you want to edit and drag them from the filmstrip over to the Lightroom app icon, or directly into the Lightroom window. Again, make sure Lightroom's import window is not already open.


Option 3 – Import in Lightroom

Inside Lightroom, import the folder where the images are saved. This will import all the images so you’ll have to apply a filter to get your selection.

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