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Getting Images In and Out of Select
Getting your images from Select into Lightroom
Getting your images from Select into Lightroom
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Getting your images from Select into Lightroom

There are a few ways of getting your images into Lightroom Classic or CC once you have finished your selection. Here are three ways:

Option 1 – Use the SHIP button

Click the [SHIP] button, or press (⌘E). This will open up a window with options where you can choose which images you want to ship, and if you want to ship to CC or Classic.

The Shipping window will open and here you can choose your 3 main shipping settings: what program to ship to, which catalog to use and which images to ship.

Note: make sure you don't have Lightroom's import window already open, or the ship button won't work.

When the Lightroom import window opens with your images, it will show all images in the source folder with just your selected images ticked. If you have subfolders in your source folder, make sure to tick 'include subfolders' so all of your selected images are available.

Check your import options: Copy as DNG, Copy, Move or Add. Add is the most common option as this will import them to Lightroom straight from the current source folder.

If you're having trouble with this process, there are two other options below.

Option 2 – Drag and Drop

Select which images you want to edit (you can filter to these in Select and then use command + A to highlight them all). Drag the highlighted images from the filmstrip over to the Lightroom app icon, or directly into the Lightroom window. Again, make sure Lightroom's import window is not already open.

Option 3 – Import directly in Lightroom

Inside Lightroom, import the folder where the images are saved. This will import all the images so you’ll have to apply a filter in Lightroom to show just your selection.

You could also highlight your selected images in Select first and head to File > Copy or Move to copy or move your selected images to a new folder before importing to Lightroom so just your selection imports and you won't need to filter in Lightroom.

If you've already imported your images into Lightroom and just want to bring over your new ratings from Select, learn more about safely syncing with Lightroom here

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