Select (Beta) currently exists in the form of a Beta (hence the title 🙈 ). This means that it slightly differs from other software, like Publish, which is not in a beta stage. In this article we will go through what a beta is and why we are doing it.

What is a beta?

A beta is a stage of a software where you are able to use it pre-release, meaning that it's not officially available. This allows us to get real life feedback from users (like you!) about the product, their issues they run into and overall make a product that is much better for you!

This means that while you are using a Narrative product that is in closed or open beta it's more likely that:

  1. You will run into issues - being on a beta version of the product means it is not commercially available and will be more likely to have errors.
  2. You will help fix these issues - A key reason for the beta is so that we can squash these bugs quickly, and the best way to do this is with your help.
  3. We will ask you for feedback - This feedback is critical to making sure Select and other Narrative products are the best they can be for you.

How do you get access to betas?

Select beta is this only Narrative product in beta currently.

Currently, Select (beta) is in a closed beta, this means that you will need to sign up to get access. We will allow you into the beta as we increase the number of users.

How do give feedback or get help with an issue?


All Narrative products that are in beta will have a feedback button inside the product, here you can leave your thoughts and feature requests.

Issues or questions

If you are running into issues or have questions you can contact the support team via [email protected], on our website through the chat bubble or inside the app.

Do I have to pay to use Narrative Products in beta?

No, currently all Narrative's products at are in beta are free to use for the period of the beta.

Do I get any compensation for beta testing?

No, there is no compensation for beta testing currently.

How can I stop beta testing the product?

In order to stop beta testing, please contact [email protected] to and asked to be removed from the beta.

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