What is Distill (Beta)?

Distill (Beta) is Select's smart culling assistant to help you cull 15–20% of your images in 2 clicks.

How does Distill (Beta) work?

Distill (Beta) works by comparing the images in each scene (a set of similar images) and rejecting any clearly bad outliers. It uses a secret blend of insights from analysing the photo. In a typical wedding shoot, this results in 15–20% of images being rejected. Distill (Beta) then applies a rating of your choice to these rejects (e.g. a red color label). If you don't like the results, it's easy to undo.

As an example, here is a scene with 4 images. The key subject is very out of focus and blinking in only one of them. This image would likely be 'rejected' and have a red color label applied when Distill finishes.

There are limitations to what Distill (Beta) can do and understand at the moment. It's early days – it's still in Beta! However, we totally understand that your images are super important, so we've taken a cautious approach. We've tried hard to make sure Distill (Beta) only rejects images it’s very confident you wouldn’t pick over the others in the scene. So if it’s not very sure, Distill (Beta) won’t reject an image. Distill (Beta) will never eliminate all images in a scene, any image without people, or if the images in a scene are of similar quality.

How do I use Distill (Beta) in my image selection?

  1. Import a new project in Select and wait for the scene and face scanning to finish. We're working to make this part faster but it can take a while depending on how many images you have in your project. You can check the progress of this by looking at the DISTILL button in the toolbar. When there is a little red dot on the DISTILL button, it's ready to go.
  2. When it's complete, click the DISTILL button in the toolbar.
  3. Now choose which action you want Distill (Beta) to take with rejected images. By default, a red color label will be applied to rejected images, but you can change this to any rating you like. You can also decide if you want to hide images with these ratings when Distill is complete.
  4. Distill (Beta) will now apply that rating to all the rejects.

You can show or hide images with the reject rating applied (which by default will be red) using the filters in the toolbar. Hold command and click on the red filter. This will show all images except those with the red color rating (effectively hiding rejected images).

How do I undo Distill (Beta)?

To undo a single distilled image

  1. Select the image.
  2. Change or clear the rating. 0 will clear the whole rating. If you want to clear just the color or star rating you do this via the right-click menu or the Rate menu.

To undo the entire distillation

  1. Apply the filter that Distill applied. E.g. if Distill applied a red color rating to rejected images, click the red circle in the toolbar.
  2. Select all the images with that rating.
  3. Change or clear the rating. 0 will clear the whole rating. If you want to clear just the color or star rating you do this via the right-click menu or the Rate menu.

Let us know how you get on

We'd love to hear your feedback about Distill (Beta). Please let us know if it accidentally rejected something you would have picked, if you'd like it to reject more, or if you have any requests.

Click the Send feedback button in the toolbar and let us know what you think!

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