Why can't I Flag as Pick my images?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer you the 'Flag as Pick' (P) rating in Select. This is because 'Flag as Pick' is not actually metadata and it can only be read by Lightroom and added or removed inside Lightroom. All third party apps have this same restriction.

Work-around for 'Flag as Pick'

If you're used to using 'Flag as Pick' in Lightroom here is an alternative workflow which works just as well:

Many photographers use a 1 star rating (1) to signify their picks in Select, but you could really use any rating you like. Use 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,p to try the different ratings, and 0 to clear them.

Then if you wanted to, it's easy to switch to Flag as Pick after you've shipped into Lightroom. Just select all the images you just shipped, and apply the 'Flag as Pick' rating then clear their current rating.

Comin soon... Tagging (T) This will work in practically the same way as 'Flag as Pick'. You will be able to put a tick on the images you like so it's easy to select them and SHIP them into Lightroom.

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