What is ingest?

Ingesting is where you copy files, usually from a memory card or your camera, to your computer or a hard drive. If you ingest with Select, we'll copy your images from origin to destination and then import a project based on the destination folder.

How to Ingest with Select

  1. Create and name a new project
  2. Choose the [ INGEST ] option
  3. Pick your origin folder from the Finder window (e.g. your SD card)
  4. Pick your destination folder from the Finder window. You can create a new folder from this dialogue if you haven't already.
  5. All images are selected for ingest by default. You can alter this by clicking on the tick boxes.
  6. Now Select will ingest (copy) your images then import them into the project.

Note – version 1 of ingest does not automatically create a new folder for your images in your destination, so if you ingest to a folder that already contains images, all images in the destination folder will be shown in the project.

Include subfolders

This means that we'll show all images in your origin folder plus any images in subfolders. If you switch this off you'll only see images from the specific folder you are selected on.

Maintain folder structure

This means that the structure of the folders in your origin will be maintained when you copy them over. If this is not ticked ingest will take all your chosen images and put them in the same destination folder.

Don't include duplicates

This means that if you already have the same image in both your origin folder and destination folder before ingest, we won't copy the same file again, or overwrite the existing one.

Upcoming additions to ingest soon...

• Allow multiple destination folders

• Allow cancelling in-progress ingests

• File renaming on ingest

• Create a folder in the destination with a custom or default naming

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