If you already imported a project into Lightroom but want to go back into Select to change the ratings:

Any edits or ratings you applied in Lightroom won’t show in Select unless you save the metadata back to the file in Lightroom. This is because anything done in Lightroom saves to your Lightroom Catalog - not the RAW file or a sidecar (.XMP) file by default (which is not readable by third-party programs).

Recommended full workflow:

To bring a selection back to Select that has already been imported/edited in Lightroom, use the following workflow. If you imported into Lightroom first but you didn't do any editing or rating in Lightroom and you are happy to overwrite the metadata, skip to step 5.

  1. Open the project in Lightroom.
  2. Select all images in the project with (Command A) and right click on one of them.
  3. Select ‘Metadata>Save Metadata to File’ – This will write any edits and ratings done in Lightroom to sidecar (.XMP) files in the folder where your images are stored.
  4. Now you can import the project into Select and do your selection. If you previously imported it into Select head into Grid View. Click on the three dots on the Source Card (located under the project title) and click 'Refresh Source Folder'. This will reimport the assets from the project including the updated metadata.
  5. When you are done with your selection go back into Lightroom and select all images in the folder.
  6. Select ‘Metadata’ > ‘Read Metadata from File’ – This will update the metadata to show any ratings you applied in Select – and because you saved the metadata earlier you will preserve any edits you already made.

Important notes:

If you don't 'Save Metadata to File' before adding/changing ratings in Select, then you 'Read Metadata from file' – any edits or rating done in Lightroom will be overwritten for the selected images.

If you 'Save Metadata to File' after adding/changing ratings in Select, the ratings you did in Select will be overwritten.

Alternative workflow:

There is another way to sync ratings – you just need to be a bit more careful! You would use this method in the scenario where you imported a project in Lightroom and only edited images with a specific rating (e.g. 1 star).

  1. Import your project into Select and do your image selection.
  2. Now in Lightroom, apply a filter to show only unrated images in the project folder (which would be unedited in this workflow).
  3. Select all the filtered, unrated images.
  4. Select ‘Metadata’ > ‘Read Metadata from File’ – This will update the metadata to show any ratings you applied in Select only for the previously unrated images.
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