Why do I have to complete a survey? 

There is a waitlist (which is growing quicker than expected) but we plan on giving bulk access to hundreds of users at a time over the coming weeks. We use the responses from the survey to give access to people as soon as it's clear that our current technology is compatible with that photographers' needs. In the near future Select will be compatible with Windows, all camera file types, and our AI will be useful for photographers of all genres. Until then, we'll control access into the Beta app so we receive feedback from the photographers that will be the most engaged with our product based on compatibility. You wouldn't ask a dog to review cat food. Unless it's a lab - they eat anything. 

What happens to my survey information?

Both security and privacy are core values to the way we build our products. We never view your PII (personally identifiable information). We use secure CRM automation tools to send Select Beta access to those who are in the front of the line and considered compatible for our product. 

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