Great for editing, but if you also do your image selection in Lightroom you’re really missing out. Purely by speeding up image rendering (the speed at which images display as you scroll) Select will save you hours – not to mention all of the other time-saving innovations we have.

Photo Mechanic

Although Photo Mechanic is fast at rendering images, it can feel complex and overwhelming and it's bloated with features that most photographers will never use. We’ve focused on giving photographers a beautifully designed, streamlined experience with a just few killer features.


Optyx AI is culling software that tries to call out the “best” image within a scene of photos using AI. We found that quite often what was suggested as 'best' was incorrect. We’re different in that we don’t try to be prescriptive about the perfect image – that's your job and art – and focus instead on being able to state with 98% accuracy that an image is no good. We believe in giving professional photographers the tools to succeed and become more efficient at their art – rather than trying to replace them.


Canon just announced a competing product that uses AI to define your images. It is built on the back of Lightroom, which is painfully slow. One of our core values is speed - so using Select will be a markedly different experience, saving photographers hours if not days in weeding out photos. Canon’s approach also tries to use AI to identify what the “best” image is for photographers, as above, we think that's your job. 

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