Please note, there are two ways to publish your completed post. This article shows you how to publish via Narrative's publishing service, there is also the option to export your post as JPGs.

Once you have completed designing your post and you are ready to publish to your Squarespace website follow these steps:

1. Click Publish.

 If this is your first time publishing a window will appear showing you information          about Narrative's Publish and Export Features. Press "Continue Publishing" to              continue to the Publish Settings. 

2.  Input your website's URL e.g and select "Other".

3. Press continue.

4. Now that your publisher settings is set press "Publish" again.

5. Your images will be uploaded.

6. Once your images have uploaded, press "Copy Link:" to copy the code. 

Great! Now you have published your blog, lets head over to Pixieset to put it on your website! 

1. Head to your Pixieset Website and start editing your website, head to the page where you want to paste the code. 

2. Click the add block button

3. Click on the "Others" tab and scroll down to the Advanced section.

4. Click the "Custom Embed Code" Block.

5. Once the "Custom Embed Code" block is inside the page press "Edit Code"

6. Once you have clicked "Edit Code" the left hand panel will change to the properties of this block. Click in the Text box field titled "Embed Code" and paste the code that you copied from Narrative. 

You can turn on the safe preview option as well to make sure your blog post is working.

7. Press the back icon in the top left of the "Custom Embed Code" window to save the blog there. You can now press the Preview button to preview the page or press publish if you are ready to publish it. 

Nice! You have now published your blog to your Pixieset website. If you need to make any changes to your blog, simply head back to Narrative, make the changes and press the update button. Your changes will be reflected on your website as well.

If you need a hand with anything please feel free to reach out to [email protected] and we will give you a hand.

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