Narrative now supports Pinterest 'Pin It' buttons, and Facebook comments. Both of these are super easy to use. 

  1. In the Document inspector panel, click the '+' next to the 'Social Plugins' Row to expand it.
  2. To enable a plugin, click the checkbox to expand further options.
  3. Once you are happy with the options, click publish or Update Blog to see the plugins now enabled on your blog post.

When you enable the Pinterest plugin, a small "save" button will float above each image which, when clicked will allow visitors to your site to pin the photo to their board.

You can control the size and position of the button by selecting the option from the drop down menus.

When you enable the Facebook plugin, a comments section will appear at the bottom of your blog post. By default, the comments section will be associated with the URL of the page that the blog post is embedded in.

For most people this is enough, and will 'just work'. If however, you present multiple Narrative posts on one page, or have a 'Home', or 'Collection' style page on your website, you can set the URL that Facebook should reference to by entering it in the Post URL textfield.

If you would like to enable the moderation features that Facebook provides you can add the Facebook ID of the user who has admin control over the comments section. Note: That user will need to be logged into Facebook for the moderation features to appear.

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