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How to Publish to Squarespace

Once you have completed designing your post and you are ready to publish to your Squarespace website follow these steps:

  1. Click the publish button is the bottom right-hand side of the app. 

You will now have opened your publishing settings.

   2. Input your website's URL e.g and select Squarespace.

3. Press continue.

4. Now that your publisher settings is set press "Start Publishing

5. Your blog will now begin uploading.

6. Once your blog has finished uploading you will see these options. To get your blog on your website, first start by clicking the copy link button. 

Now it's time to upload your blog on Squarespace

7. Head to your Squarespace website and log in.

8. Create a new blog post or a new page where you want the blog to be posted.

9. Add a code block by first selecting an insert point. 

10. Select 'Code' under the 'more' section.

11. Delete any text already in the box. 

12. Paste the code that you copied from Narrative earlier. The box should look like this:

13. Click apply.

14. You should now see a preview of your blog like this:

15. Press save to save the changes you made to the code block.

16.  To preview your whole blog visit your blog page.

17. You may wish to make any other changes above or below the code block, do this now.

18. When you are ready, select Publish.

If you need a hand with any of this feel free to contact our support team. 


Common Issues

There are common issues that you might run into when trying to publish your blog. 

Issue one: Your blog loads only when you refresh the page. 

If your blog only loads when you go directly to that page then it is likely that you are running into an Ajax loading issue. To learn how to fix this issue click here

Issue two: Your blog is not loading at all. 

If your blog is not loading at all the most likely reason is that code is not pasted inside a code block. Make sure it is inside a code block other the script will not load. Click here to learn more about code blocks. 

If this done not resolve the issue please get in contact with support. 

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