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WordPress Plugin or Publish via code

There are two ways to set up publishing to WordPress, and they are slightly different. The first is to Publish with the Plugin and the second is to Publish via code. 

By default we suggest using the plugin as it is easy to set up, is better for SEO and it also quicker then the code method after you set it up. However, there are some cases where the code method will work better for you. For example, if you are struggling to get the plugin set up, we suggest using the code instead.

Click here to learn how to publish your blog via code.

How to Publish to WordPress via Narrative

1. Once you have finished building your blog click the Publish button in the bottom right-hand side of the app.

 2. The Publish Settings will now pop up, first enter your website URL

3. Then click on the Wordpress logo

4. Select your Wordpress theme  

5. Now press continue

Narrative will now check if you have the Narrative Plug-in installed. If you have not installed the plugin yet, Click here to learn how. 

Once you have installed and connected your the Wordpress Plugin you can continue with the steps below.

6.  Select the default category you want to publish to and if the posts should publish as drafts or as live posts, press update to continue.

Note: You can change these each time you update your blog. 

7. Now press start Publishing, this will now start publishing your first blog to your website.

The Publish settings will now close and your blog will being to upload.

Once it has finished uploading you will see a "Visit Page" button. Click this to be taken to your blog, if you hit an error it is likely that you aren't logged into your website on that browser. 

If you are using Gutenberg your back end will look something like this:

If you are using the Classic editor it will look like this: 

If you want to make changes to your post you can just edit the blog and then press the "Update Blog" button.

Your blog should now be published on your website. Please contact our Support team if you have any issues whatsoever. 


How to change your publisher settings once your publisher is set up

Sometimes you will need to change your publisher settings, either if you are running into an error, or you need to swap what website you are publishing to. 

There are two ways to do this.

Method One: 

1. Open the Publish tab

2. Click the gear icon.

Method two:

1. Inside Narrative Publish head to your Mac toolbar and click Narrative Publish > Preferences

2. Click on the account tab and then press "Update Domain Details"

Your publisher settings should now open up.


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