What does the Lightroom Plugin do?

The Narrative Lightroom Plugin is designed to simplify the process of exporting images for your blog. It automatically sets your export settings so you don't have to think about them. Including;
• Naming of the files
• Setting the best size for your images
• Handling the compression of your images
• Handling the image metadata
• Optional sharpening settings


How to install the Lightroom Plugin

  1. Click here to download the plugin file 
  2. Unzip the file
  3. In Lightroom, open the plugin manager,  File > Plug-in Manager 
  4. Click the [ Add ] button and select the the .lrplugin file and click 'Add Plug-in'
  5. Click 'Done' to install the plug-in
  6. Open the export window in Lightroom File > Export 
  7. Change the 'Export to:' dropdown at the very top to 'Narrative'

8. Choose the location you would like to export to and press export. 

This will have exported the images to the location you have set and you can now import the images from here inside Narrative.


Lightroom Plugin Options

Within the export window in Lightroom you will see several options.

Export location

You can select the export location via the dropdown menu labeled "Export To"

You are also given the option to chose what happens to existing files when the photo is exported. The options are:

Leave this is "Ask what to do". If you re-export an image and wish to overwrite it, Lightroom will prompt you.

Narrative sharpening

Narrative Sharpening is our recommend sharpening for images that are going on a screen or website, we suggest you keep this turned on.

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