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What is the Blank Space

The blank space is one way to get creative with your blogs, allowing you to stand out and get fancy with what you make while being super easy and intuitive to use. 

It acts like an empty image that you can manipulate to help you make the designs you want. 

For example:


How to use the blank space

1. To start using the blank space make sure you have a blog post open, from there in the top left you will see the blank space block.

2. Drag the blank space block to where you want it in the layout, the same way that you would for an image. By default, the space will be set as its minimum height or width.

3.  To adjust the size of the blank space all you need to do is hover over the blank space and drag the blue bars. and let go once you've

4. Once the block is the size you want, you can copy and paste the ratio of these blank spaces by selecting the one with the ratio you want to copy with "cmd" + "c" and then pasting with "cmd" + "v". 

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