Narrative allows you to add text to your post as a header or body text.

Adding a text box within Narrative

  1. To add a text box, click the Add Item button: 
  2. From the drop-down box drag the textbox to your desired location in the layout editor.
  3. Double click on the text box to edit the text and use the properties tab to change the sizing, color and spacing of the text.

Don't worry if the text font looks different to your website. Once uploaded, the text will match itself to your website's style. Use the Header and paragraph options below to match these to your website.

Be sure to use the same heading tags as used in your website's style to ensure best results. If it doesn't look right, thanks to Narrative, you can update the formatting, click update and the changes will instantly be reflected on your website.

Formatting text

Narrative lets you change the size, alignment and color of your text.

Text Size

There are 6 different sizes of text available to choose from:

  • Header 1
  • Header 2
  • Header 3
  • Header 4
  • Header 5
  • Paragraph

Header 1 is the largest font size available, recommended for attention-grabbing main headings in your blog post. Paragraph is the smallest font size, recommended for body text.

Text Alignment

The text alignment options located underneath the size options allows you to align the text to the left, center, right, or justified.

Text Color

The button to the right of the text alignment options allows you to pick a color for your text. Clicking this button opens up a color picker which you can use to define a color.

Text Width

The text width option controls the size of the margins of the text block and is used as a basis to align your text. There are four width options available:

  • Large
  • Medium
  • Small
  • Extra-Small

Use these settings to control how much margin there is on the left and the right of your text.

Vertical Spacing

To control how much white-space there is on the top and the bottom of your text block, simply double click on your text block and use the blue handles in the layout editor to control the spacing. Drag these handles up or down to control the textbox height.

These changes will be displayed in both Squarespace and WordPress.

Note: The Narrative text editor has many improvements scheduled in development. If you would prefer to add text within the WordPress editor click here.

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