Unsure if you should export Publish via Narrative or export JPGs?

We encourage you to use Narrative's Publish feature so that the app can produce the HTML for your post.

Here are a few disadvantages of exporting JPGs from Narrative:

  1. Text is not exported.

  2. You cannot use the 'Download Images button'

  3. You won't be able to create unique layouts with dynamic spacing such as this one here.

  4. You cannot ensure your padding is perfect between your images vertically for basic stacked galleries.

  5. You cannot use the quick update feature if you wish to make a change to your post after exporting.

  6. You loose the ability to easily move your blog posts between Squarespace and WordPress.

  7. Side-by-side images are show as 2 stitched images in Google image search (not as individual images)

  8. Your post wont load as fast as it could. When you Publish with Narrative, Narrative resizes your images to 5 different sizes to ensure visitors on your website don't load a larger image size than needed for their screen size.

  9. Narrative's SEO features wont automatically post to your website.

  10. Narrative has many more additional features coming that require us to build your HTML and host your images including - scroll animation on images, full page blog posts, text over images, click through images, alternative mobile view for your post, light-box view on images, new sections including grid and masonry layouts, social share buttons, embedded Facebook comments and a 'download images' button for client sneak peaks.

There are more changes scheduled to come for this feature in our development roadmap, so if you would like to see more changes, please contact our support team.

Why is it best to use Narrative's Publishing service?

Narrative is a tool which offers much more than simply creating stacked layouts for the web with image blocks and side by side images. Narrative is a solution for photographers and bloggers who want to tell beautiful stories anywhere, fast. It is built for those who don’t have the time to navigate the complexities of coding. We have designed Narrative in a way that makes storytelling for your website simple, quick and unique.

The current version of Narrative allows you to create blogs that resemble what people are currently building, yes – but in a much more efficient way – and there are exciting things coming such as new layouts, elegant animation and further design features. This is just the beginning, the way you create stories for your websites is going to change because of Narrative and we invite you to be part of this.

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