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You could park your posts for just $10 a year

Your posts will be deleted from our system within 30 days of cancelling - that means they will no longer show on your website. But, with our parking plan you can keep all your blogs live for just $10 per year. Click here to learn how to switch.


Still want to cancel your subscription?

  1. Sign in to Narrative. 

  2. From the sidebar click Subscription.

  3. Click the [ Leave Narrative ] button.

  4. Type the word DELETE to delete your account.

  5. You can choose to reinstate your account within 30 days of cancelling, just contact the support team at [email protected]


What Happens when you cancel your Narrative Publish account

If you cancel your Narrative Publish account, your account will go into a 30 day period where your account will be locked, but still in our system. 

During this time you will not be able to create or update any blog posts, however, your current blog posts will remain active for the next 30 days. 

During this period you can switch back to your original subscription, which will unlock your account and allow you to publish again. Click here to do that. 

Once the 30-day period is over your account will be completely deleted and your blogs will be taken offline. 

If you run into any issues or need a hand with any of this please contact our support team at [email protected]


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