Wix and Narrative

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Yes, you can use Narrative to design your posts for Wix. 

How to export your post as JPGs

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Why can't I 'publish' to Wix?

Wix currently does not allow their users to use javascript in an HTML block. Narrative requires javascript to publish to your website.
If you are interested in using the publish feature of Narrative we suggest emailing the Wix support team with the following email. The more users that send this message, the more likely that Wix will change their settings.

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"Hi Wix Support,

I am using a 3rd party app called Narrative to build my Wix blog posts. Narrative allows me to create unique images designs for my blog posts and it produces HTML that represents the design I have created.

When I place the HTML into an HTML block in Wix it places it into an iframe with a defined pixel height. Can you please change your restrictions so that I can place an HTML block on my blog and not have this wrapped in an iframe?

[Wix user]"

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