Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a way to make your blog appear higher in the result pages of a search engine - such as Google. You can influence your rank in the results by having good SEO

In Narrative there is a SEO Inspector that shows the different elements of SEO these are:

Elements of SEO

This is a more in-depth explanation of each element. 

Focus Keywords

The first step of SEO inside Narrative is putting in your focus keywords.

The focus keywords are the the main words which your blog's SEO will be focused on. The rest of the feedback inside the SEO inspector will be based off of these words, giving you accurate feedback to ace your SEO. 

We recommend at least 3 and a maximum of 5.

For example: "Wedding, Photographer, New, Zealand, Elopement"

SEO Title 

The SEO title is the title of the blog that will show up when you publish your blog. Narrative will suggest the use of your "Focus Keywords" so you reach your intended target audience. This is also the title that will show up in google when people come across your blog.

We recommend including all of your focus keywords, a minimum of 25 characters and a maximum of 60 characters. 

Meta Description 

The meta description is a small summary of the the blog. Use your focus keywords to create a summary of the blog and the story that happen. This will show up in Google underneath the title. Make sure you are selling your post so that you can get lots of clicks on it, but make sure that it is concise or else it will be truncated.

We recommend minimum of 125 characters and a maximum of 155 characters.

Image Keywords

Image keywords are the tags that will be attached to the individual image itself. Often these tags can be more specific with the goal being to cover a large vocabulary so that you appear in as many different searches. We suggest to do as many images as possible with 2 - 5 tags, each varying slightly. Our recommendation is use your Focus keywords for your featured images, with the rest of the blog being a little more spread out. 

Image Keywords is a great and effective way to bring traffic to your website.

Text Content

Text content refers to the text blocks inserted into your blog. Narrative will suggests at least 300 and to use your "Focus Keywords" through out the text. 


Each of these elements have a traffic light beside them, giving you feedback on your SEO at the present stage. The lights are: 

  • Green - great!
  • Orange - maybe revise.
  • Red - needs more work.

When you have good SEO, all the lights will be green in the SEO Inspector.

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