It's possible that your Pinterest buttons from your blog post don't work with Narrative. We are aware of this issue and are planning to build support for this soon.

If you are waiting for this issue, please contact our support team, and we will notify you when we activate this feature.

However, there is a small work around for WordPress users using a plugin.

WordPress Work around 

This plugin allows you to have Pinterest buttons on your Narrative blogs.


  1. Click here to view the plugin. 
  2. Download the plugin 
  3. Open the plugin tab in Wordpress and click "Add New"
  4. Upload the plugin as a zip file and click "Install Now"
  5. Head to "Installed Plugins" and activate the plugin

The plugin should now be active. When you hover your mouse over your blog there should be Pinterest pins.

Disclaimer: This is not the Narrative's official method of adding Pinterest Pins to your blog. This will come soon!


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